Sunday, September 4, 2011

Football is back!

Ahhh, football season. So glad you're back. And let me tell you, yesterday was one hell of a return. I honestly think yesterday was one of the funnest days I've had while at college.

I woke up, got ready, and waited to tailgate. Yeah, I was ready way before I needed to be because I was so extremely excited.

Got to the tailgate. It's the first time I've tailgated with this group of friends, and I love it. They're the best. Everything needed for a tailgate was there. Food, fun, friends, and of course some other liquid essentials. Mom and Dad even joined in for a bit! It was so good to see everyone decked out in red and black again. Game days rank right up there with Christmas and my birthday on my list of favorite days. It is a glorious sight.

We finally started walking to the game, which was quite a walk since we tailgated so far out. We had to make a few stops along the way, which made it take a little longer. We got to the game at the beginning of the second quarter. By halftime, a dust storm had blown in, and between people wearing contacts and my dress blowing up, we decided to leave. We went back to the tailgate for a while, and then started making the rounds needed for people to clean off and change. We all met up at my house, and then went back to the tailgate. And yes, the game was way past finished at this point. We won 50-10. Sorry, Texas State.

Last night was part of the reason it was so fun. We had a party in the parking lot. Cops didn't bug us, either, which was really cool. We had loud music, and plenty of people. Everyone was dancing and having a good time. It was so much fun! If this keeps happening every game, which is a good possibility since everyone loved it, I will earn as many degrees as possible just so that I can stay in college forever.

Anyway, here are some pictures of yesterday!

Sadly enough, we're more together than my cheer team in high school ever was, and we weren't trying.

This is my favorite picture taken all day. And I don't even remember why we were doing that.

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