Wednesday, September 7, 2011

We might be saying bye to the Big 12

With my job, I know what's going on with Texas Tech. And the Big 12. And of course I have opinions.

A&M wants to go to SEC. A&M denies ever sending a letter to SEC. A&M leaves Big 12 (conditionally). SEC invites A&M as long as there are no legal issues. Baylor threatens litigation. And now Iowa State is thinking along the same lines too. And Kansas, Kansas State, Mizzou, Baylor, Iowa State, and Tech aren't signing the waivers required to A&M to SECede. This has been my life the last week.

OU is now thinking about leaving if A&M gets to leave. If OU leaves, OSU will leave, and we'll be stuck without a conference. If this happens, the rumors are that OU, OSU, Texas, and Tech will all go to Pac-10(16) and create a superconference. This might be cool, because Texas would be forced to share their network with Tech half and half. But at the same time, a superconference would have it's downfalls. There would have to be a ton of money to keep that thing alive.

Scatterbrain moment...let's just talk about why this whole thing happened. Simple reason: The Longhorn Network. Ok, here's the somewhat more long winded version: A&M has always been really jealous of the Texas Longhorns (and I am by NO MEANS a longhorns fan). I mean hell, they dedicated their fight song to the Longhorns. They won't admit it, but they're really jealous.

So here's what could be happening.

Baylor is threatening to sue. They're terrified the Big 12 will fall apart, and for good reason. Baylor has the worst conference record in the Big 12. No one like the Big East or Pac-10 is going to pick them up. They're going to be stuck in a horrible conference like the C-USA or Mountain West. Or, even worse, forced to go independent. They won't make enough revenue to keep their current large program up.

Texas will most likely go to the Pac conference, in which (as long as invited) Tech will most likely follow.

Oklahoma and Oklahoma State will probably also go. Rumors are spreading that OU is currently already in discussion with the Pac-10/12/whatever number it will be. OSU will most definitely go wherever OU goes.

Mizzou, Kansas, K-State, and Iowa State remains up in the air. Albeit, Mizzou, Kansas and K-State probably won't have any problem being picked up by a decent conference. Some may even join us in the Pac if we have to go over there, and we would then create the Eastern Division along with Arizona and some more.

Let's just say OU doesn't leave and create a big clusterfuck. We would need some more schools to build up our diminishing conference. We talked to Arkansas, that won't happen. They left us for a reason. BYU? SMU? Houston? Louisville? SMU and Houston seem the most probable, and both are good schools; it wouldn't be bad to have them. The Red River Rivalry could continue, the Tech/Texas rivalry could continue...everyone would be happy.

But if A&M leaves Big 12, and they no longer play Texas, what happens to "goodbye to Texas University?" They're gonna sound like huge idiots singing that when they're playing Ole Miss or Bama. Oh wait...they kinda are huge idiots. If they would've just sucked it up and dealt with Texas being the powerhouse that they are, we wouldn't be in this giant dilemma right now. I mean hell, even with the Longhorn Network, they would have increased network coverage because of the big rivalry between the two schools.

So within the next week or two, Big 12 might disappear. Tech might be part of the new Pac-16 Superconference. Or, we could get new members of the Big-12. We will see.

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