Sunday, August 14, 2011

Another rant...I'm so happy

I swear if I see one more status on facebook saying stupid stuff like "I don't need to wear makeup to look pretty. I'm real, I don't need plastic surgery to feel good about myself. I don't believe in name brand clothes. etc. etc." I. will. go. crazy. It's really funny when you think about it though, because the majority of people that post that (actually, everyone I have seen that post stuff like that) wears makeup and does their hair and tries to look cute. But that's not why it makes me crazy. Here's the deal, while you may feel good enough about yourself to not have plastic surgery, others do me.
I am a strong supporter of plastic surgery. Why not fix something you're not comfortable with? I mean, it's so easy these days! And yes, I'm about to rant, but I feel like I have a respectable opinion because I have had plastic surgery. And guess what, I'm still a real person. People don't realize how much it sucks to get picked on because of physical characteristics. People also don't realize how heartbreaking it is to find the cutest dress ever just for it not to fit right in one area. I was unhappy with something that no amount of exercise or makeup could fix, so I got it surgically fixed. You know what? I am happy. I have so much more self confidence now. So will someone please tell me why you have to brag that you haven't had any work done? I will gladly tell anyone who asks that yes, I got a boob job. I will also tell them it's because I knew guys with bigger boobs than me before I got them done, and I'm talking normal sized guys, no man boobs. I am happier and I am WAY more confident than before. So what's the big deal here, people? Girls who post that nonsense as their status, here is what mine would say:

I wear makeup. I spend way too much money on pretty clothes. I have had plastic surgery. I own more shoes than anyone I know. I am proud of it, because you know why? It's a girl's right to make herself feel beautiful.

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  1. <3 You!

    and totally agree. no one really knows how it feels to be compared to a wall everyday your senior year! but some have been there too!

    I say if you have the means and the ability to fix yourself up then do it! I just resort to a bigger push up bra... for now. ;)


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